Dreamy Winter is a story about a dream of a girl who see herself getting lost in the drying wood during the season transition. She wears a long dress that looks graceful and naïve. There is only drying branch with dead leaf, but from that picture, it unveils the bird nets and those immigrant birds are trying to discover new settle place. 
Everything in this collection towards to a perfect dream for those girls who want to be pretty and gorgeous but not too much show off and being ditched. 
The main purposes of this fall/winter collection are subtle, gentle, and timid. That’s why I choose the see through material to express the high-faluting and flexible like a smoke, which is used by 100% of natural fibers, like silk and organza, but it still holds the timid, cozy as the purpose of fall/winter’s spirit by wool, which is mixed with hand knitted, it’s also a strength and outstanding of Lala.la.
Collection: Dreamy Winter 
Design: Pun Hồ
Model: Hằng Nguyễn
M.U.A & Hair: Đặng Trí Viễn
Photo & Retouch : Hậu Lê

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