I always adore for the sake of keeping youth and beauty timeless, especially body sculpture of young women. The movement gesture of a woman body is marvelously and whimsically attractive. Born and raise in Vietnam, nude art has been a controversial topic, especially back to the history.
The project represent the regret of time, where nude art is forbidden back in the time of Vietnam, where our moms' youth and beauty were lost for formal restricted clothes because of the society and families' rules.
The red curtain background is one of the most common background for 1990s portrait photoshoot in Vietnam. The color vibe is graded based on common film tone back at this time. And on top of that, the partially nude from picture to picture as well as the avoiding eye contacts of the model reveal the social shy of Vietnamese women back at that time.
All together, this tell a lost story of nude art that could make middle age Vietnamese women remember who they were.
Photographer : Hau Le
Model : Hoang Tuyet
M.U.A : Dang Tri Vien 

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